Criminal Records Bureau Checks

Criminal Records Bureau checks are essential for OTs and others working in the community with children and young people, vulnerable adults and older people. 

As an individual or a company and if you are a member of the GFI Association we can process your CRB Disclosure application forms.

GFI will:

  • establish the true identify of the applicant through examination of a range of documents and a personal check, using guidance provided by the CRB.
  • ensure that the application form is fully completed and that the information it contains is accurate.
  • comply at all times with the CRB Code of Practice.

If you are not able to get to our office in Bromley we will need to set up a webcam to verify your identity. This procedure has been agreed with the Criminal Records Bureau as GFI takes responsibility for confirming that your details are correct.

Contact us for more information on the procedure and charges.


If your organisation needs to develop a safeguarding policy we have a template for an organisational CRB Policy in the GFI Association Member area of our website.