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Going for Independence (GFI) is a Community Interest Company, an organisation with social and environmental objectives. Much of our work is charitable and our information and advice service is free.

Our aim is for people to be empowered to live independently and to have choice and control over their lives.

Our mission is to help people to recognise the value of occupation and meaningful activity and to be motivated to live life to the full.

Going For Independence was established in 2008 to provide an independent information and home assessment service, specialising in equipment and adaptations. GFI now has a range of services to offer including providing social activities in the community, support services for Independent Therapists and sign-posting to UK- wide OT directories and referrals /work opportunities. Independent Occupational Therapists offer a trusted alternative to statutory services which are only available free to people with the highest level of need.

GFI has developed training for organisations on improving outcomes for independent living and the use of sustainable business models. We wholly support the social model of disability and have developed a learning programme (S.M.I.L.E) to help people regain and retain their independence and social inclusion as they reach older age.

We work with local charities to provide a range of activities for people in the community with the aim of reducing isolation and helping people to live life to the full. As a social enterprise we keep our costs as low as possible and much of our work is voluntary.

Working in partnership with a number of voluntary sector organisations, with strong connections to the community, GFI is a founder member of COESI - the Centre of Excellence for Sensory Impairment.

Our organisation is independent which means that we are impartial and flexible, and give information on a wide range of equipment, adaptations and new ways of doing things. These include areas not covered by the council or health service, such as enabling access to the garden, arts and crafts, leisure activities, adjustments at work and getting into vehicles.

We provide an invaluable service for people wanting timely information and support to help them to stay independent. Going For Independence aims to give choice and control back to the individual and peace of mind to families.

GFI can help people to find the solutions that will enable them to stay active and independent and to live life to the full - contact us to find out more.


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The Going For Independence Community Interest Company is a social enterprise limited by guarantee.We are proud to be an organisation in the emerging Fourth Sector, integrating social purpose with business methods.

community interest companies    GFI is a member of the CIC Association

ccoesi    GFI is a founder member of COESI- www.coesi.org.uk

Registered in England in October 2008. Company number 6729549. 
Registered office:- 32 Marshall Drive, Brotton TS12 2RD


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