Local Services

local services


Going For Independence is part of the jigsaw of local services providing support to people in the community.

Jigsaw piece with a keyhole and keyAs part of our service we research the local and national organisations that provide equipment and relevant local services that can increase peoples’ ability to remain independent and stay in their own homes. This information will include:-

  • local and national voluntary sector organisations
  • independent living centres and places where specialist equipment can be purchased
  • local trusted handyman and gardening services
  • advocacy support services which ensure people are treated properly and can access what they are entitled to
  • hearing and visual impairment specialists
  • benefits and financial advice services
  • services provided by councils and community health providers
  • information on telecare services
  • where to access electronic assistive technology and relevant gadgets

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There may be free services you are entitled to and where appropriate we can help with making referrals to the statutory and specialist services in your local area.

Telephone 01287 204204 or Contact us by email to book an appointment.