Our Services



GFI provides services in these areas:

  • An information and advice service for individuals and professionals
  • A training service for organisations on achieving improved outcomes for independent living, using sustainable business models and specific information on self employment and social enterprise
  • Activity sessions for groups to keep people engaged with their communities
  • A Consultancy service
  • DBS checks


1 Information, Advice and Assessments

Going for Independence provides an impartial information service on a wide range of specialist equipment, adaptations and adjustments to enable people to remain independent and safe at home or in the workplace. We work with others to develop new products and equipment. 
Through our links to OTs we can help people to access independent Therapists for a consultation and assessment service in their area. 
See our page on making your home safe and download a PDF copy of our guidance -  Making your home safe-avoiding falls 2018. 


2 Training

We have developed a range of training for organisations on how to help people to adapt to change where they have experienced an accident or an illness leading to a Long Term Condition.
Our courses and workshops include the S.M.I.L.E © programme, with new information on adapting to change together with the latest technologies.


3 Activities

GFI works with local organisations to provide a range of focussed social activity sessions for groups of people with different needs. Our aim is to enable people who may be otherwise excluded, isolated or lonely to participate in, and help to develop, new activities in their communities.


4 Consultancy

GFI has a wealth of experience in Research and Development in the health and social care field, finding solutions for independent living, designing and piloting new products, and in assisting organisations to develop not-for-profit business models including charities and social enterprises. We work with national and local organisations and have a track record of being reliable and thorough and as a not-for-profit organisation our service is always good value for money. See our page on the consultancy services we can offer.


5 DBS checks

We can process DBS checks for our staff, volunteers and Associates that work with us. More details are on the DBS check page

Partnership work

GFI also works closely with a number of voluntary sector organisations throughout the UK, and for more detailed information on our voluntary work in the community have a look at our web page on:

COESI - The Centre of Excellence for Sensory Impairment.

We also provide advice and information for businesses and employers, and individuals wanting to get back into work following an accident or illness.

Our services are for everyone – individuals of all ages, families, parents, children, friends and neighbours, charities and businesses, councils, GPs, health and social care professionals and Health Trusts.

The importance of timely information
We know that the right information provided at the right time can be the key to maintaining health and wellbeing.

Our office hours for receiving calls are 9.00 am till 4.30 pm Monday to Friday.We have an answer machine for out of hours calls.

Contact us by email or telephone at our office on 01287 204204 for more information on the range of services we provide.


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page updated January 2018