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Social Enterprise developments in Health services- 2011/2012

1. Public sector workers thinking about setting up a social enterprise or mutual can find out more in a new guide ‘Right to Run’ (PDF) produced by the Social Enterprise Coalition.   Right to Run 

2. The Kings Fund report “Social Enterprise in Health Care” explores the organisational and leadership changes that will be needed to support the development of social enterprises and makes recommendations that will be of particular interest to policy-makers and health care providers. 



1  Measuring the Social Return on Investment of Stage 3 Adaptations and Very Sheltered Housing in Scotland

Envoy Partnership has conducted two separate and independent Social Return on Investment (SROI) analyses: One analysis is of Stage 3 Adaptations for older people living in Sheltered and Very Sheltered Housing in Scotland, and the second analysis is on Very Sheltered Housing itself. The study finds that both services are key ways of significantly “shifting the balance of care” away from care homes and hospitals. The study also demonstrates that both services have a fundamental role in “re-shaping care for older people” through reducing waste and reducing both short and long term costs, whilst improving the well-being and independence of older people.

See the Housing Scotland today press coverage.

AT-Alliance reports

1    Anarchy or Opportunity? the future for Assistive Technology information services. 
PDF June 2011

2   The AT Information Network - Mapping the Information Environment, the Challenges and Opportunities. 
PDF September 2010


Falls prevention checklist

Making your home safe - A room-by-room guide to making your home a safer place. (PDF) 
See the printable webpage version here.


GFI Brochure

GFI Brochure - 6 page (PDF) Croydon version

Going For Independence Brochure (Word Document, large print A4, 510 KB)

GFI Brochure  (large size PDF Word Document)

GFI Equipment pictures Page 1   (PDF)
GFI Equipment pictures Page 2   (PDF)


GFI leaflet (small) 

Going For Independence leaflet (PDF of A5 leaflet, 4 pages, 2.3 MB)

GFI leaflet text only ((Word Document, large print 2 pages A4 , 501 KB)

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