Electronic Technology

electronic technology


There is a range of equipment known as Electronic Assistive Technology or EAT. This useful and wide range of equipment includes gadgets and electronic devices such as:

  • gas, water and electric isolation switches
  • sensors to alert a person to doors opening or water running
  • memo-minders to remind you to do something – like take keys out of the lock when you come in or to take your purse with you
  • lights that come on automatically when you get out of bed
  • sensors to alert you to an overflowing bath
  • sensors to detect falls Going For Independence can tell you more about this kind of equipment and where to purchase it. Some items may need installation by a qualified electrician or gas fitter.



Telecare is the continuous, automatic and remote monitoring of real time emergencies and lifestyle changes over time in order to manage risks associated with independent living. Alarm units with a button can be worn as a necklace or on a wrist strap. When you press the button, it automatically dials the control centre via your telephone line.

The control centre will know who you are and where you live from the details you have given them to hold on their computers. The operators can give you reassurance; call your family, doctor, an ambulance etc. and send locally based response team workers to your home to give you assistance. This is usually within 30 minutes of your call, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

There is usually a weekly charge for the service which may be reduced if you are in receipt of income support or pension credit. There is also likely to be a one-off installation charge.

GFI will be able to advise you on where to access this kind of service in your area.


Environmental controls

Environmental controls are remote controls that can operate things at a distance – examples include the remote for your TV or audio system, and controls to open windows and doors and to draw curtains. There are many different options which may help you remain independent.



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