Going For Independence (GFI) Intellectual Property statement

GFI is an organisation providing specialist information and advice about equipment and adaptations for independent living, a directory of support services for individuals, resources and services for independent Occupational Therapists and Trusted Assessors and training for organisations on achieving improved outcomes for individuals for independent living and sustainable business models.


Background IPR

The formal GFI intellectual property consists of all GFI written materials including (but not exclusively) the website and website-directory content, brochures, assessment tools, pamphlets, guidance, newsletters and leaflets, and all GFI training materials and procedures.

The GFI logo for the Going For Independence CIC is not a registered trademark, however we reserve our rights to its protection for use and we consider it to be our intellectual property.

GFI does not have patents pending or any current intention to develop inventions requiring a patent.

All materials that have been created by GFI are the IP of GFI and will remain the copyright property of GFI.

When new materials are created by individuals employed by GFI the work will belong to the employer organisation. If the author is an independent contractor part of the terms of their engagement will be that they assign all copyright and IPR in the materials to GFI absolutely.