Directory Advertising policy

The Going For Independence CIC has a National reach, developing the GFI Directory to enable people to find an independent OT in their locality and also to find other relevant and complementary services such as equipment retailers, charities, independent living centres and trusted building adaptation companies.

To help people to find the right information at the right time we want to encourage relevant businesses as well as independent OTs to advertise on the Directory website – and they can do this in different ways:

  1. A Business entry with a website link on the searchable directory will mean they will be seen when a person does a local search for relevant services in their area under their chosen main search criteria. Annual charge £65
  2. In addition businesses can place a separate advert in the margin on the search pages of their choice e.g. An equipment retailer can place an ad in the margin of the OT list page. Contact us at for more details.
  3. GFI is developing an option for a scrolling banner advert on the first main search page for the Directory. More information will be available shortly.

Going For Independence CIC will only accept adverts from companies that are complementary to the principles of our aims and objectives – for people to be empowered to live independently and to have choice and control over their lives.