Clear Needs New Ideas

Pam Bennett of GFI attended a workshop where Jenny Edwards from Communication and Action was demonstrating how to use the Clear Needs, New Ideas set of Resources designed for groups and individuals. 
The resources guide people through a thought-provoking process helping them to find new ways to meet their needs.

It was clear that it had the potential to help people to identify the unmet needs in their lives, which would then help them to focus on how to address them and also how to enter into conversations with others to access the support they might need. The tool is based on the wheel of needs and can transform how we see the world and our place within it. 

The Clear Needs New Ideas tool can be used by

  • individuals
  • people who have care or support needs
  • family and friends of people needing support
  • service providers and care givers.

    You can download all the resources and guidance by following this link to the Clear Needs New Ideas website.