About Inclusive Art – our aims and objectives

The provision of community – based social activities incorporating art and craft sessions will not only help to reduce isolation and provide opportunities to make new friends, but will also develop the capacity and skills of adults and older people and members of socially disadvantaged adult groups including those with sensory and physical impairments, mental ill health and learning difficulties. 

To develop this service GFI has set up Inclusive Art – bringing in experienced artists and craftsmen to run specially designed sessions tailored to the needs of the group, aiming to ensure equality of access and social inclusion, leading to improved health and wellbeing. 

Through this work we will be able to advance the arts, culture and the education of the public in the subjects of inclusive and accessible visual and three-dimensional art.

Many people enjoy creative art and craft activities but find that as they become less mobile, or develop long term conditions including sensory impairments, there are fewer opportunities accessible to them. GFI will provide activities using a wide range of materials, in local informal settings where they can be safely used with appropriate support.

For some people the chance to express their thoughts and feelings using the creative arts will be of therapeutic value. 

People will also be able to make new friends, improve their confidence, share memories of their own art experiences, and wherever relevant, find new ways of doing things to help to stay independent.

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