GFI Website Linking Policy

The GFI website includes links to a number of external websites. These links are provided to give users quick access to high quality and impartial information on :

  • equipment and adaptations
  • the process of assessment
  • accessibility issues
  • policy
  • social enterprise
  • national and local organisations 

The links shown for information and interest only and any views expressed are not necessarily those of Going For Independence or of its Associates and employees.

How our links are chosen

GFI takes great care over the choice of websites linked to and reviews them regularly, but is not responsible for the content of those sites. The inclusion of a link to an external website from GFI should not, therefore, be interpreted as an endorsement of that site, its content, or any product or service it may provide.

Transactions between users and any external site are not the responsibility of Going For Independence CIC.

Before we link to an external website we check to assess its suitability. In order to retain our impartial standpoint we do not link to or endorse retail sites for specific items of equipment.

It is a requirement of all websites that we link to that they:

  • have a good standard of accessibility
  • are free to access,
  • do not require registration to view basic content,
  • make a clear distinction between normal editorial content and any advertising they may carry. 


We also ask that external websites should:

  • clearly state their sources of funding,  
  • have a quality assurance procedure, 
  • present a responsible perspective, reflecting the existence of choices,  
  • are regularly reviewed and kept up to date, and 
  • on health matters, use current and reliable clinical evidence that is verifiable from other sources.