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TS12 2RD

Bathroom with handrails and shower chair


Our assessment process focuses on the aspects of a person’s home and life that are important to them and that they particularly want help with.

A GFI assessment will give people the information they need to help them live safely and independently in their home environment.

Many people can benefit from an assessment.

The information provided will be helpful for families, for children and young people with behavioural problems or learning difficulties, as well as for adults and older people, those recovering from accident or illness or with physical impairments or disabilities.

Why use Going For Independence?

Activities such as:
•    climbing stairs
•    preparing meals
•    gardening
•    answering the door in time
•    getting out of a chair
•    bending and lifting

.....can become more difficult at certain times in peoples’ lives, such as after an accident or illness or as a person becomes older.

Our home assessment service can help to find the solutions that will enable people to stay active and independent. People may also need information when they experience a life changing event such as needing to move to other accommodation, or losing a partner or carer.

GFI’s personalised assessment can save people money by giving them the information needed to make the right choices.

The Assessment

The Independent Assessor will listen to your concerns and provide independent and impartial information on relevant equipment and adaptations. This may include taking key measurements to enable you to purchase the right item of equipment, or fit the right handrail to meet your particular needs and to suit your home environment.

The Assessors will be able to raise awareness of the range of specialist equipment available, including items of electronic technology and gadgets, and where to get them from.

To find out more ring our free Helpline on 0800 612 8909 or Contact us using our email link or office number.

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