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    About the Consortium Members


The individual member organisations are specialists in their areas, providing services for people of all ages for the NHS, Croydon Council and other local authorities, GPs and the public, mainly focusing in the South West of London and Teesside.


The Centre of Excellence for Sensory Impairment also provides a national information website and Helpline, and will develop the range of services it can deliver on and from its main site in Croydon and from its Northern Office in Teesside.


COESI Croydon Consortium Members are members of the Croydon Voluntary Sector Service Providers for Older People (VoSSPOP) network and work closely with other voluntary sector providers on joint projects.

CHRC - Croydon Hearing Resource Centre

Croydon Hearing is the local voluntary support service for people with a hearing loss and has been providing advice, information and practical support to individuals and their families in Croydon for over 26 years. 

The organisation continues to develop a range of services to support people with a hearing loss, and with dual sensory loss in collaboration with Croydon Voluntary Association for the Blind (CVAB.

The Croydon Hearing team support people through the Hearing Resource Centre in central Croydon, run open surgeries across the borough, make home visits, offer free hearing screening, information, advice and counselling and an equipment assessment service.

Croydon Hearing is involved in a number of network organisations and is an active member of the local Voluntary Sector Service Providers for Older People (VoSSPOP) network and a provider on the Croydon POP Bus Service. 

How to contact CHRC:
Tel: 020 8686 0049

Fax:    020 8686 7475

Minicom:  020 8760 0096





CDCS - Croydon Deaf Children's Society

Croydon Deaf Children’s Society is affiliated to the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) and provides advice, information and advocacy support services to help deaf children and young people aged from 0 to 25 years and  their families. 

CDCS also provides a link with statutory services and a range of other voluntary support groups including the charities Physical & Able Bodied (Phab), and the Royal Association for the Deaf (RAD).

How to contact CDCS:
Phone/Text:  CDCS Message Line 07951 611 190

General or membership enquiries:


Croydon Vision - the working name of Croydon Voluntary Association for the Blind

Croydon Vision is a specialist information and resource centre for people with visual impairment and sight loss.

The team provide a range of holistic rehabilitation services and social activities, including specialist low vision and IT services, psychological and emotional support, orientation / mobility training, and independent living support and communication skills training.

For people experiencing dual sensory loss Croydon Vision provides a specialist sensory support service working closely with Croydon Hearing.

Croydon Vision supports a number of broad ranging activity and focus groups offering opportunities for confidence & personal development, helping to reduce social isolation. These include lunch clubs, art, pottery, yoga, keep fit, dancing and social events. Transport is provided for most activities.

Counselling is also available to help people adjust to their sight loss. All members have the option to be contacted regularly by volunteers on their Telephone Care Line. A local talking newspaper is produced each week and a monthly large print newsletter is also available.

How to contact Croydon Vision:


Tel : 020 8688 2486



CDF - Croydon Disability Forum

Croydon Disability Forum is THE voice for people with disabilities living in Croydon. 

CDF hosts an open Forum for all people who have a disability or sensory impairment, which meets bi-monthly, and provides information on a wide range of disability issues, services, products, benefits and legislation.

CDF represents the Forum's views on a wide range of consultative groups and is proactive on the Croydon Mobility Forum and through membership of the Mayday Patient Public Information Forum.

CDF can provide training support to organisations on the Disability Discrimination Act and equality issues, and is a key stakeholder at the Croydon Aztec Independent Living Centre, which has a wide range of mobility aids and equipment for sale and specialist items for people with visual and hearing / deaf impairments.

How to contact CDF:
Tel: 020 8686 0049



GFI - Going For Independence CIC

Going For Independence (GFI) specialises in assessment and information services for equipment and adaptations to help people to live independent lives – at home, at work, accessing education, sport and leisure activities, and the local community.

The GFI team provides a home consultation service for equipment, Telecare and adaptations, shopping support services, an equipment shop, talks to local groups and a helpline for advice and information including signposting to relevant other local services.


GFI will help to develop the centre of excellence as an independent organisation providing income generating services to support sustainability for the Consortium Members and COESI.


Going for Independence (GFI) is a Community Interest Company, a not-for-profit organisation without boundaries, driven by social and environmental objectives.


How to contact GFI:

Tel: 0208 249 5515   


Textphone: 18001 0208 249 5515


Helpline      0800 612 8909




Disability Croydon


Disability Croydon provides information, advice and advocacy services for people with disabilities.

How to contact Disability Croydon:

21-22 Ramsey Court
122 Church Street

Main Office/Helpline: 020 8688 3622
Fax: 020 8689 3414








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